Do You Have Tree Limbs To Reduce Down But You are Afraid To Use A Chain Saw?

Picture this: You just had a poor wind storm outside nowadays. Possibly it was a Hurricane or a Tornado and your Gas chainsaws yard is now a mess! There are tree branches everywhere and debris is strewn about.

How are you going to clean up this mess?

The JawSaw is the solution! For cutting tree branches up to 4" thick, the JawSaw is safer than a chainsaw! This is a wonderful different for cleansing up the yard soon after a poor storm.

With a equivalent resemblance to the "Jaws of Daily life" applied by Emergency Crews to extricate individuals from motor vehicle accidents, the JawSaw quickly and conveniently cuts via up to 4" of tree branch.

Be positive to examine out the video beneath to see the JawSaw in action! It is Created by Worx and Performs rapid, effectively, and is outstanding!

JawSaw Added benefits

  • Self-lubricating no require to frequently oil the chain! Oil Level Indicator tells you when to add oil!
  • Optional Extension allows you to trim branches up to 12' Substantial!
  • Risk-free: Due to the fact of the style of the Totally Enclosed Chain, you can cut without having all the worries of a chain noticed!
  • Light-Weight: The unit only weighs just over 8 lbs! Any one can use the JawSaw!
  • Numerous Use: Can cut limbs out of tree or off the ground chain will not touch ground because of guard style!

The JawSaw is the safest noticed on the industry for cleansing up downed tree branches soon after a storm. The JawSaw can also be applied for frequent tree pruning and with the 12' Extension, no work is also large! Suggested over a frequent chainsaw even though operating on a ladder. So place away the heavy chainsaw, the boring hand noticed and boring cutters and start making use of the potent and safe and sound JawSaw cutting technique.

This would be a wonderful Christmas present or Father's Day present for the guys in your daily life. The expense is under $130.00 and you will take pleasure in the ease of use for years! The JawSaw Worx!